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AFR Consortium Associates LLC
Worldwide leaders in fingerprint recognition projects (AFIS)

AFR Consortium Associates LLC, led by Patrick A. Pitt is a worldwide Project Management team for Automated Fingerprint Recognition (AFIS), Image Storage Retrieval and Identification, Law Enforcement systems and Biometric Security applications, with wide experience in Contract Negotiation and Litigation Support.

AFR Consortium Associates LLC is located at Gig Harbor, near Tacoma Washington U.S.A.


Patrick and his AFRCA team members delivered the first British Police Automated Fingerprint Recognition system (AFIS) - the largest scene of crime and arrested persons' fingerprint searching and matching system ever operational worldwide.

It came in on time and under budget, to aggressive quality standards.

Patrick's team's extensive success in the implementation of biometric fingerprint recognition and identity system projects is unique.

Known and respected worldwide for law enforcement and AFIS fingerprint identity project management skills,
Patrick A. Pitt and his team are all former senior UK police officers with proven specialist skills in operational law enforcement, contingency planning, and IT installations.

Patrick A. Pitt is an experienced AFIS Program Manager trained by a well known consultancy and systems house and has undertaken assignments in the UK, USA, France, Belgium, the Caribbean, and many other countries worldwide. He is a recognized contributor of published documents on Police Information Technology delivery and has worked on a number of committees concerned with standards and national information strategies.

AFR Consortium Associates LLC team members have a substantial and demonstrable record. Utilizing their extensive police skills and understanding of AFIS and associated project management and law enforcement applications, they manage innovative and effective investigative technology and biometric recognition system projects throughout their life cycle, from concept through procurement to operational use.

The AFRCA team are also well qualified in biometric security - fingerprint, facial and iris biometric identity verification systems - a major step towards the elimination of fraud due to counterfeit, stolen and false personal identity and Design and Implementation of 'in-car' law enforcement command and control computers.

Biometric Security Consultants
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AFR Consortium Associates - Biometric Security Consultants, Fingerprint Recognition
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